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                                                             A 2000      A 2000 LM
Contrary to many so-called « magnum » receivers, the A2000 LM is a true M98, oversize and specifically designed to handle the largest dangerous game cartridges.

The front receiver ring and have been extended to ensure the rigidity and acuracy of high pressure, heavy recoil cartridges.  In the same spirit, the bolt diamater has been enlarged from .700 to .750 inch and carries three Mauser locking lugs, two at the bolt head and one at the rear of the bolt body.  The adjustable trigger is precise, and the claw extractor (with undercut bolt head) ensures the reliability appreciated by all professional hunters.

The one-piece magazine with straddle floorplate has a capacity of 4 carttidges and is endowed with an integral extended trigger guard, all machined from a solid forging.


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